13th - 17th October

KRITARTH is the incarnation of basic philosophy of life that seeks to spreads happiness and peace in the world. It is based on empathy and love for humanity. This ideation is coupled with action against negativity to promote right to lead a life with dignity. It provides framework of practice to the philosophy of compassion, Art of Giving and India against Negativity.

Spreading smiles and happiness doesn't need materialistic bounties, the innate willingness to help others that can make a big difference. Positive thoughts and action are contagious. Even if the journey seems arduous, one should not give up the cause to spread happiness.

I wish my young Ambassadors of humanity and members of KRITARTH a huge success in their endeavors to make world a better place to live in and eliminate sufferings from the face of earth.


Inspired by the philosophy of 'Art of Giving' preached and promoted by our dear Founder Sir KIIT & KISS, Prof. Achyuta Samanta. Kritarth 2017, a social empowerment event bringing together all spheres of talent from KIIT and across the Globe, aims at championing the messages of 'Art of Giving', 'Kompassion', 'India against Negativity' and 'Unity in Equality' in this edition. A plethora of events await!!

Bounded by the grace of Compassion, intertwined by the benevolence of the Art of Giving and resurrected by the fire to push our nation, India against Negativity, we present before you a legacy that has strived to re-establish the meaning of Perfection and Creativity: KRITARTH 2K17.


Presenting Kritharth 2017 which comes with a plethora of events. Have talents that you want to showcase? This is your stage and the world's your audience. Dance to dazzle and sing to amaze, act to escape and walk the ramp with grace, click to frame it, sell your ideas and products and sometimes the devil's views too and if you believe you have the talent, don't wait. Register!

Gaur Gopal Das

Ami Mishra

Gaur Gopal Das

A disciple of HH Radhanath Swami. Broadening the doors of philosophy with humour, going from the desk of an engineering classroom to a dais and illuminating people with his way of life.
."Gaur Gopal Prabhu".

Ami Mishra

Ladies and Gentlemen, surrounded by the buzz and excitement we present to you the young and talented singer-composer who shot to fame with the song ‘Hasi’ from HamariAdhuriKahaniAMI MISHRA. Embrace yourselves to witness the Star right in front of you, radiating all stardom and laugh pit. Nowyou see why this year Kritarth is bigger and better this year…

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